Crafting Different Futures

5 July 2022, 5.00-7.00 pm (Malaysia time), LIVE at PORT IPOH facebook. Join Dhan Illiani Yusof, Jesse Joy, Jo-lene Ong and Ronnie Bahari in a forum entitled “Crafting Different Futures: Merentas Bentuk Pengetahuan”.

This Portfolio programme is a satellite event organised for the 59th Venice Biennale collateral event “Pera + Flora + Fauna” at the Archivi della Misericordia, Venice, Italy. The exhibition runs until 27 November 2022.

We thank the Mondriaan Fund and Karrabing Film Collective for their support.

Jesse Joy is a Sabahan embroidery artist based in Kuala Lumpur. His embroideries are responses to events happening around him, self-reflections, and aspects of Mrs. I am Sabahan life. His work often includes used and found objects to reduce the environmental impact of art-marking. Finding Bundusan is his first documentary film. 

Jo-Lene Ong is a curator based in the Netherlands and Malaysia. She got her start at the intersection of social activism and art. Her interests are in decolonial epistemologies and speculative visions of the world. Recent projects include Hartwig Art Production | Collection Fund (2020-21), Other Futures (2020-21), and Elsewheres Within Here, Framer Framed (2019).

Dhan Illiani Yusof is a multidisciplinary artist and a member of the Projek Rabak collective. Dhani dabbles in conceptual – contemporary art in various forms such as film, paintings, installations, photography, poetry, fashion design, and performance art.

Ronnie Bahari (b. 1978, Selangor) is a full-time photographer from the Semai Tribe who received his certification in Photography and Lighting from Ridzuan Photography and Media. He previously worked for Filem Negara Malaysia (FNM) between 2007 until 2010, and has at least 15 years of experience in the art of photography. With an interest in portraits and landscape, he often documents the traditional wear of the indigenous people for the purpose of recording and memorialising elements of the indigenous culture.


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