CONNECTIONS – The Practice of Craftsmanship through Perak and Venice

Project promoted by PORT, designed by Silvia Piazza and curated by the architect Diana Zabarella with the coordination of the associate curator of Pera + Flora + Fauna Camilla Boemio.

The project aims to link Malaysian and Venetian craftsmanship. After an in depth research about the use and the processing of materials in both regions, we decided to work on a traditional object of Perak called Labu Sayong, to which we added new characteristics.

On occasion of the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia and the collateral event Pera + Flora + Fauna, we thought about a project that could connect Malaysia and the city of Venice through design.

The process led to the creation of a new artifact inspired by this item: while maintaining the main traits of its original shape, it was reinterpreted with a modern twist that takes into account elements that represent the Venetian culture, such as the use of the color and the geometric decorations that simplify the city’s architecture.

By doing so, we were able to think about the prototype of a new artifact that connects the two cultures, becoming a symbol of the bond between history and innovation that establishes the union of two distant regions which find each other through craftsmanship and design.

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