Satellite Events


An Analysis of The Human-Nature Relationship in Contemporary Japanese Art. Faced with the self-destructive tendencies of modernity, more and more artists on the contemporary scene are crying out for a return to nature that has its roots in indigenous traditions.


The Practice of Craftsmanship through Perak and Venice. The project aims to link Malaysian and Venetian craftsmanship. After in-depth research about the use and processing of materials in both regions, we decided to work on a traditional object of Perak called Labu Sayong, to which we added new characteristics.


Kingorngussaq-arv which means “Heritage” when literally translated into the English language touches down on the current issues happening in Greenland. The event was divided into two parts, a performance followed by a talk from the artists.

Artists Sharing and Fanzine Giveaway by Stefano Cagol

Contemporary rituals reconstruct and attempt a dialogue between human and nature, myth and future. They move through the landscape, following traces, signs, space and time, using technological tools and natural elements.


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